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September Check-in


It's been a while since my last vlog. I really needed to take some time away to reflect on the challenges Covid-19 brought to my life.  Losing my yoga space to a pandemic was not something I would have ever imagined, but alas, it happened. 

During my reflection time, I noticed how many of us are processing the impact of the pandemic in our own way. The feelings seem to range from pain, grief, sadness, disappointment, confusion, uncertainty to indifference. Some of us have experienced isolation and with it the feeling of loneliness. Some have reflected on their situations and decided to make significant changes - divorce rates have skyrocketed. I pray for those who have experienced violence and economic distress.

I hope whatever transitions you are going through you are finding a sense of calm, strength and direction to move forward.  

I'm calling upon you to double-down on self-care, this includes your practice - no excuses, there are now dozens for you to choose...

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Patience - A Yogic Virtue

clarity patience practice yoga Feb 21, 2020

Patience. It’s a quality that is in limited supply for many of you. The practices of yoga can serve to increase your ability to find and rest in patience. There is a tremendous amount of chatter about mindfulness these days, so much so that its meaning seems unclear. Patience is something we all understand. If you struggle with being patient, adjusting your practice can be a great start. 

Patience and our modern lives 

In terms of physical yoga practice, are you someone who goes to class and starts doing the next move in the vinyasa flow before the instructor announces it? This is a perfect example of impatience. 

In terms of your daily life, do you struggle with slowing down and taking time to enjoy the simple things? A lack of patience prevents you from being in the moment and noticing the beauty around you. 

At work, do you find yourself being short with colleagues and frustrated by their work ethics? A lack of patience removes opportunities for empathy...

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Is Your Yoga Practice Serving You?

Have you ever taken the time to ask yourself this question? 

Does the question even make sense to you? 

How should a yoga practice serve someone? 

Why does this even matter?

When I started studying with my teacher, Yogarupa Rod Stryker, this question came up in one of our Master trainings. It created a pause for all of the students because like you, we’d never really taken the time to ask, to reflect. 

Most of us found yoga through its popularization in the west over the last few decades. It’s become a multi-billion dollar industry that’s hard to avoid. Some people “try” yoga but don’t find it a good fit. Others are hooked and embrace physical practice. 

Over the years the market has grown as entrepreneurial teachings create new styles of yoga, trying to reach more and different people. There’s yoga for runners, golfers, pregnant women, post-partum women, men, naturists, kids, elderly, survivors of trauma, those...

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