Yoga, Healing and a Gift!

As you move through the lazy days of summer and slow down the pace of your busy life, it can be a great time for reflection. When you reflect on what is and has been you may recognize patterns of behaviour, feelings and attitudes that leave you a bit unsettled. Maybe there are issues that keep popping up in your life. Perhaps you're having the same fight over and over again, for example. You may realize that you need to make some changes. This is where the healing journey begins. When you begin this journey you unravel much of what’s been bound up inside holding you back from living a fully realized life.  

When I take time to reflect I draw on my yoga training as an anchor. I am as honest with myself as possible and identify the things that continue to trouble me, create mental discomfort and bring up emotional responses. I do so from a place of compassion recognizing that these are simply mental patterns that can be changed - none of this is who I really am. This may be hard for you to get your head around. You are not your thoughts, you are not your feelings. 

You can get attached to your pain, your wounds, and your issues. If they’ve been gripping you for years when you finally realize it’s time to break their bonds guess what? They aren’t going to let go easily. Or more accurately, your mind isn’t going to move out of that thought pattern easily. But it can.  

The healing journey forces you to step into the darkness and explore what’s keeping you from being fulfilled. You get to identify and, if necessary, examine the thoughts, attitudes, and feelings that you unveil. For me, there is no necessity in determining the root cause for this can take us down a rabbit hole of blame and confusion. Rather, I feel it’s best to simply identify where I am in this moment, what attitudes or beliefs I’m holding, and where I want to go. 

The next part can be tricky, especially if you’re strongly identified with the elements that keep you in pain and suffering. There’s no need to be dramatic here, but let’s identify a few: limiting self-doubt, toxic relationships, unresolved family issues, unrewarding work, ongoing financial issues, feelings that you’ve compromised your life, and an overall lack of fulfillment in your life. Most of you have at least some of these present.  

There is no magic yoga wand to fix any of these issues, however. But there are tools and techniques that definitely can help you move to the next stage. A lot of it has to do with getting clarity. When the mind is filled with negative self-talk and seems like an echo chamber of doom and gloom it can be hard to see the way out. Here’s the trick, when you get the mind more still using various yogic practices it will slowly but surely begin to shift. 

As the Leonard Cohen song goes, there is a crack in everything and that’s where the light gets in. You cultivate stillness by using practices that allow light to enter the cracks within you. Eventually, the mind gets out of its existing programming and moves to a more peaceful place where the hurt, the trauma, and the suffering that informs a lot of the old thinking, feeling, and doubt begin to let go.  

We all carry some degree of emotional baggage with us. With work, the weight of carrying it lightens. You can start to see potential in areas that previously were beyond your reach. You can channel the energy that was fueling those previous beliefs, attitudes and feelings into the creative force of life-affirming actions that bring you greater peace and joy.  

I firmly believe we all have the capacity to heal ourselves. You came into this world as a whole being and got beat up, sadly literally in some cases, by life’s journey. But you need not be defeated. You can reconnect to that wholeness that is still within. It is the spark that lights you up, that helps you to identify who you truly want to become.  

This is your journey. Your life. What do you still want to make of it? Regardless of where you are at, take that time to do that healing work, and tap into that light within, so in the final moments when you’re looking back and reflecting, there are no regrets. None!  

I’m gifting you this Releasing Meditation that can be used to dissipate the darkness within. If you practice this for 40 days your life will shift.  Please provide me with any feedback you’d like to share about how it worked for you.  

If you struggle with healing and are interested in using more yoga tools to assist you, why not book a free 30-minute consultation now? 

Download your Releasing Meditation now!



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