Yoga As More Than A Physical Practice


Many of us start yoga as a physical process, which feels great. Yoga may be a simple exercise regime for some. 

Over time, people build a wonderful mind-body connection. They may actually learn to love themselves through yoga practice. That was my experience.

But yoga can be so much more than a physical practice. It can be a journey to your spiritual awakening. 

Once you start connecting on a deeper level with self, using various techniques and multi-layered approaches, you'll have experiences that are more than physical. 

One way to start this approach is to make breath front and centre in your practice. Get established in the rhythm of your breath, make it the stable point of the whole practice. This becomes a catalyst to the spiritual side of the practice. 

Breath is the link. 

I also recommend that you be more alert and aware of all the levels of sensation that occur during the practice. This stepping into the energetic level of practice creates a whole new level of perception and awareness.  You begin to experience your energy body.  

Through the energy body, you understand there is subtle anatomy that is part of you. It is through these more subtle realms that you get closer to spirit, to Source. 

By shifting how you do practice you can access a whole new level of connection and blossom into a bright spiritual being. 


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