Yoga and Inertia


Have you ever felt stuck?

It could be like you're in a similar situation or pattern that keeps occurring over and over again. It may be a relationship that is no longer fulfilling or a job that is no longer brings you joy.

How do you get unstuck?

The yoga tradition offers some tools to assist you in getting unstuck. 

We know inertia starts in the mind but it manifests in the body. By moving the body we can shift some of that energy, thus shifting the mental landscape.  We are holistic beings after all! 

Sometimes it's as though we are walking around with our head and body disconnected. When we make stronger connections between the two we start addressing inertia. 

First, is the recognition of being stuck. This can be a painful discovery but one worth making. With this realization it is important you don't beat yourself up. Be compassionate.

Tools to get unstuck

  1. One of the most important things you can do is start a daily yoga practice. I always recommend keeping it simple. You'll want to do a bit of breathwork at the end followed by some stillness of the mind. Maybe consider working with a Sankalpa or intention.

    A helpful breath technique is kapalabhati which also acts to cleanse physically, energetically and mentally.

    Wrapping up with stillness is important because that's where your answers are found, according to the yoga tradition.

  2. You may also consider getting into nature, going for a walk or hike. Being in contact with nature is both nourishing and nurturing. It soothes the soul.
  3. Consider who you are spending time with. Some of your social interactions, even colleagues, may be dragging you down. Make some conscious choices in who you are around.
  4. Pay attention to what you are watching. The type of content you are streaming on Netflix and other streaming services may be dark in nature. Consider the effects of this on your well-being.
  5. If you are stuck in the muck of life, remember you do have the capacity to get unstuck and be the lotus flower of your life. You can rise up out of the muck of life and become the pure potentiality you are meant to become. 





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