Is Anger Playing a Big Role in Your Life? It May Flair Up Over the Holidays

As we move into the holiday season and all of the joy and challenges that come with it, your routines may be disrupted. Often sleep is disturbed by holiday festivities. Festive treats with lots of sugar and other less-than-healthy options will be eaten. There may be overindulging in large meals with special holiday dishes. Perhaps the eggnog includes a shot or two of rum along with a steady flow of other libations. Other factors such as overspending may occur. All of which impact your physical and mental-emotional states.

Despite that, I encourage you to enjoy all of the merriment of the season. That’s really important especially with what we’ve been through in the last two years and with a new variant of COVID-19 creeping around. You deserve to have some fun! 🎄 🎁

However, if you’re like me you may find your emotions run amock during the holidays. When I’m out of balance from seasonal activities the main emotion that springs up in me is anger. In fact, anger played a huge role in my life for a long time. Sadly, it kept me small. It prevented me from blossoming into my full potential.

Fortunately, my life’s path included finding yoga and meditation. These gifts had a transformational approach to how I live. The interesting thing is I didn’t realize that anger was fading from my life due to my studies and practices. I do now! During the holiday season, for example, my emotions, including anger, are less volatile.

When we live with a lot of anger it has an incredible draining effect. It is the quintessential “being stuck”. Even if you’ve done lots of healing work - which to me is what this journey is all about - you will find the holiday season is a time when those old emotional patterns raise their ugly heads. Anger may be one of them.

You may recognize anger in yourself or in others this holiday season. It’s unfortunate that you - or they - experience anger triggers during this festive time. It need not be that way. I’ve created an offer to help those who live with too much anger.

For the past three years, I’ve been working towards creating a course that uses the best of yoga to address anger. I’ve been incredibly inspired by the growth in trauma-informed yoga and yoga therapy. This tells me that folks are ready to use the wisdom of yoga for more than exercise and general well-being. 🧘‍♀️

The times we are in warrant yoga being used for more than a physical-feel-good hit. The breadth of yoga and the depth in which one can explore it includes solutions to many of our current-day psycho-social problems. The amount of anger that pervades society is reaching epidemic proportions in my view. Yoga has helped me transcend anger and I have to do what I can to put this intelligence out there. My mission is to serve the teachings by reaching others who struggle with unhappiness due to their anger.

I’ve moved from a bricks-and-mortar yoga to online. Some of this is a result of the pandemic, but really I was heading in that direction anyway. Learning how to do “digital” is like starting over. New starts are good. And now with hundreds of online classes in the membership archive the next stage in my digital development includes my first course, Moving Beyond Anger, A Course for Building a Happier, More Peaceful Life.

This is a 7-week online course that pulls together some of the best tools that I’ve worked with through my years of yoga training and practice to address anger. It offers a systematic approach to reducing anger and includes a number of specific techniques to be used in an anger-buster toolkit.

The initial launch of the course is January 17. If you’d like a little peek into what the course offers I’m doing a teaser webinar, Reducing Anger Masterclass, on December 15 at 7 p.m. Feel free to register.

Members of Loren Crawford Yoga receive your 20% discount should you choose to register for Moving Beyond Anger. Reach out to me for your discount code, please. Check out the registration page for more information. It could be a gift to yourself or someone you love who is struggling with anger management.

I hope you have an amazing week and one with less anger.

Om Shanti,
Peace! 🙏



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