What Are You Manifesting In Your Life?

Uncategorized Jul 13, 2020

In this Vlog, I explore manifesting our realities. 

You do manifest your reality. Some things in your life are going well, yet others may need to change. 

How and what you think and do are the result of years of patterns. These patterns can be changed. 

You are energy, many forms of energy, including your thoughts. These energies can be changed. 

Like energies attract - this is the law of attraction -  so to create new things in your life you have to change the energy to manifest the reality you want to create. 

It starts with a daily practice including meditation. This helps you to access your higher, more discerning, mind. Then you can make some decisions about the changes you want to make. 

Use Sankalpa, the setting of intention, to affect the change you desire. Sankalpa is a present tense statement that clearly states the change you want.

You hold many beliefs at the unconscious level. Even deep-seated beliefs can be changed. Some of these must be changed to bring you to the place you want to be. 

Habits are also energy forms that need to be addressed if they are unhelpful. 

To manifest your destiny, you want to:

  1. identify what you want to change
  2. take the initial steps including stepping away from certain individuals or situations
  3. create your sankalpa - what you want - and plant it in Yoga Nidra, before bed, at moments when sabotaging thoughts occur

Become the master of your destiny. Decide what reality you want to create for yourself. Take ownership of your life. 

You can. You will. You must! 

Om shanti!



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