Hello! I’m Loren Crawford. 

I have over a quarter-century of healing work and wisdom to share with other gay men who are 55 and older and want to move into their wisdom years with grace!

My Journey

I’m a 50-something gay man with small-town roots.

My rural upbringing didn't provide the supports I needed as a kid, so I ended up lonely, sad and angry. 

It took me a while to figure out I was gay and once that revelation occurred in my early 20s I didn’t know how I was going to deal with it!

All of those years of feeling different and unloved left their scars.

At 28 I returned to university and plugged into a supportive community there. 

I also discovered yoga. The practice taught me to love my body.  I suffered from body dysmorphia as a result of being a very skinny kid.

Yoga opened the doors that led to powerful healing work.

I immersed myself in the study of yoga, then Ayurveda, tantra and more recently psychology.

I’ve been blessed to study with some of the greats - Yogarupa Rod Stryker  and I his teacher Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD., of the Himalayan Institute for 15 years. I’m now a student of Rajada Choudhury a tantric master of Sri Vidya tradition. These amazing souls are gifted transmitters of the living tradition of these ancient teachings.

Being a good student, I learned from them how to impart this wisdom. 

My specialty is making powerful and profound teachings easy to understand and digest. 

My duty is to serve these teachings that have had such a powerful impact on my life. 

My gift is to transmit them to you. By serving my duty, my dharma, I shine. 

For 20 years I’ve taught yoga, certified teachers, healed clients and transformed countless lives.

I’ve been blessed in this life to have the privilege to do this work.

My wellness coaching program focuses on gay men who like me have lived through challenges, celebrated successes and are moving into their wisdom years with open hearts and open minds.


How can I help you?

Gay men of my generation faced many challenges. Homophobia, some of which we internalized, ran rampant. We saw friends and peers succumbing to HIV/AIDS. We had few role models so had to figure things out on our own. We used coping methods that weren't always healthy.

But we also had fun. We loved. We laughed. We lost. And we longed for a inner peace.   

As we enter the wisdom years there's much to explore, questions to answer, and goals to achieve.

Yoga calmed my agitated mind.

Ayurveda created balance and harmony within me.

 Psychology opened the door to expanding my potential.

I’m committed to sharing what I’ve learned in over 25 years of practice, study and teaching with you. 

My systematic framework makes wellness an integral part of your path. 

I’d be honoured to work with you and to give you all the tools you’ll need to make the next stages of your life one that is filled with freedom, fulfillment and joy

OM Shanti, Peace!


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