Free yourself from angewith Moving Beyond Anger 

a course to help you create the happy life you deserve. 

If you're ready to let go of anger, keep reading.

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Moving Beyond Anger is Perfect for you if...


1. You're finally ready to take steps to address your anger issues


2. You're already doing, or have done, some work on your anger, but nothing is working


3. You enjoy being part of ground-breaking, unique and cutting-edge processes and willing to put in the work 


4. You are open to exploring how time-tested yoga practices can break your anger patterns

That's me. Let me enroll!

7 Modules for your transformation 



Being honest to yourself about your own anger 

Sometimes we hold more anger than we like to admit. This can be due to pride, residual pain, or just our decision to ignore and hide our problems to pretend it doesn't exist.

If anger has been building up for a lifetime, you have a story that deserves to be told. Let it out to let it go.

Uncover your story so you can start healing.
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Building a deeper awareness about your anger

As you learn about different types of anger, you are equipped to explore which ones are affecting you the most.

This awareness will help you start identifying triggers and better understand yourself to gain back control over your mind.

Become aware of your anger and regain control.

Addressing the challenges of change

Changing the way you think and creating a new perspective on life is what many find difficult. For you, this will be the most critical and life-changing part of your journey.

Here, we will reconceptualize anger through a holistic view, exploring your unique microcosm, physically and subtly.

Are you ready?
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Learning how to work with the body to reduce anger

Anger plays out in the body as well as the mind. Using yoga techniques you'll discover how to reduce anger using your body, breath and mind. You'll explore the subtle anatomy and learn purification techniques that hold the key to releasing anger.

You'll be freed from unresolved issues that contribute to your anger.  

Let's start healing.


A holistic approach to anger

Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, helps us operationalize the holistic approach to reducing anger.

You will learn about your unique constitution and conditions you find yourself in that create imbalance in your life - including anger.

Diet plays a key role in living in peace and harmony. You'll look at the foods that contribute to anger and diet modification to assist in this important work. 

Learn techniques to let go of the past.

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Get to know the new you

Like diet, lifestyle choices have a profound effect on well-being.  Yoga practices and other lifestyle shifts designed to reduce anger will result in real change. You'll notice changes to your mindset and spirit helping you to fall in love with the power of your mind.

Understanding why these shifts are happening gives you the power and motivation to continue your anger-reducing journey. 

Love the person you're becoming.


Celebrate your life ahead

You've come a long way at this point and in many ways, the journey is just beginning.

Celebrate the person you're becoming - one with more freedom, fulfillment and joy!

Continue inspiring yourself to mature in your spiritual journey ahead. 

You have new tools to keep your body and mind healthy and happy with daily practice. 

Create the life you deserve.

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One step away from more happiness

 What if you were able to gain back control of your emotions and life? Free yourself of the anger that has burdened you for way too long.


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I want in. Register now!
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Modules every week with lesson plans for each transformation phase, all accessible in one place.


Weekly seminars with Loren online to answer any questions to help you on your journey.

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Weekly worksheets to guide your thoughts & a supportive online community to share them with.


 You deserve to regain power over your heart.


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Identify triggers

Being able to track your anger and identify the factors that set it off will help you set the stage for transformative change.

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Break the patterns

Dislodging these patterns requires sophisticated layering of physical, mental, and spiritual techniques which will be offered to you in this program. 

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Establish new, healthy practices

The mental practices will be of particular use in this regard, clearing the mind of its controlling ways. 

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Hi, I'm Loren!

I've been on an amazing life-changing journey since I found yoga at the age of 29.

I practice. I teach. I share. I transform.

Mine was a life filled with anger for the first 40 years. Yoga and the stillness it brought me helped me to heal, to love, to care. 

I'm happy and honoured to share with you the tools, techniques and practices that have profoundly changed my life. 

I've carefully packaged the teachings from my years of training, study, and practice that most appropriately dissipate anger. My goal is that these teachings will be with you for the rest of your life.

Let's nip your anger issues in the bud. Why wait? You deserve happiness.

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Work with me!
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The 'Moving Beyond Anger' course awaits you. 

Work with Loren, a coach and long-time teacher of yoga, to delve into many techniques, practices, and teachings that will help you:

1. Transform you from someone who experiences an excess of anger to the content and peaceful person you want to be.

2. Meet a part of your being that's been weighed down by the heaviness of anger.

3. Commit to regular practice from a place of inquiry and trust, having faith that each day you will move closer to your birthright, of happiness. 

4. Let go of the past and the attachments that have fed your anger.

5. Accept that you are worthy and deserving of a life that is free from the grip of anger. 


Take me to register!

We are so confident you'll benefit from this course that we offer a 14-day 100% money-back guarantee.

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This unique first-of-its-kind course will equip you with an array of tools you can use for the rest of your life to counter anger.

If after the first 2 modules you feel that you are not satisfied you're eligible for a complete refund.

Reach out and show us that you've completed the assignments of the first two modules to be eligible.

Register with no risk
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Tania Frechette


"Loren is a great teacher and has created this yoga for anger program. If you or someone you know could benefit please share this with them. Resolving anger issues can be one of the best things you can do for your health".


I'd like to register!


This lifetime opportunity is filled with rich content that will have a powerful impact on your life. See the components and the value of your training here:

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  • lifetime course access ($299 value)
  • 7-weekly live sessions ($749 value)
  • community forum access ($149 value)
  • 5 customized practices ($499 value)
  • Loren Crawford Yoga membership discount ($147 value)

Full payment


Top features ($1942 Value)

  • comprehensive manual ($99 value)
  • lifetime course access ($299 value)
  • 7-weekly live sessions ($749 value)
  • community forum access ($149 value)
  • 5 customized practices ($499 value)
  • Loren Crawford Yoga membership discount ($147 value)

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