Hi, I’m YogiLoren…

Welcome to my yoga program!

I'm here to share my years of study and practice to help you to become all you are meant to be.

With my support and guidance you’ll learn how yoga can bring balance and vitality to your life. I’ll teach you to use my tools wisely and practice with efficiency.

Let me show you the way!

Yoga has changed my life and I know it can change yours.

My yoga path includes a personal practice that extends beyond 25 years. I’ve been studying and teaching an authentic hatha lineage for more than 15 years. My teachers are Yogarupa Rod Stryker and Pandit Rajmani Tigunait.  

My duty is to share these authentic teachings with humanity.

And that starts with you.

I’ll inspire you to find the deep, rich and rewarding satisfaction the yoga journey has brought me.

Connect with me to find your way to a better you.

  YogiLoren, Loren Crawford

Senior Yoga teacher (ERYT-500), Certified Ayurveda Practitioner, Healer, Coach and Student of Life
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The Approach

Yoga is not homogeneous.
There are different approaches, styles and lineages, for example. 
Loren Crawford Yoga weaves together the teachings of yoga, tantra and Ayurveda traditions to bring out your inherent power. 

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You know yoga as a wonderful physical process that makes you feel great. But yoga is so much more. 

Your personal unfoldment or spiritual awakening is available through the tools of the yoga tradition.

Through physical practice you discover the power of the breath. 

Breath is the link to mastery of the mind and its roaming tendencies. 

When the mind is calmed the plane of your Higher Self is achievable. You begin to understand your true purpose.

When aligned with your purpose - dharma - you experience a sense of freedom and joy. 


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Tantra is about the energies of life - the awakened and yet-to-be awakened energies. 

The subtle aspects of your being are governed by your life-force. The first step in tantra is to purify the body and strengthen it to build a strong container for life-force.  The use of time-tested techniques adds energetic strength building your power and indomitable will.

Awakened life-force - or prana -  connects you to the beauty of this life, to recognize it as a gift, and to finally see your true potential.

Tantra opens  the unique treasure chest of life’s gems that rest within you.

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Considered the sister science of yoga, Ayurveda addresses your  well-being by assessing and modifying diet and lifestyle choices.

You develop patterns of eating, daily activities and mind patterns that perpetuate imbalance.  By healing and balancing these harmony is re-established. You reconnect to your wholeness.

Health and healing replace imbalance and dis-ease.

When your true nature is honoured there is more space for well-being. 

Everything in life is a choice. Ayurveda is about making the right choices for you. 

Membership in Loren Crawford Yoga

I'm excited to offer you a membership platform where Practitioners can :

  • engage in live scheduled classes with me
  • engage in archived practices
  • participate in a community forum
  • continue to learn and grow as a student
  • hone your skills as a teacher
  • be part of a yoga community

Seekers receive all of the above plus a 75-minute private monthly consultation with YogiLoren

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Yoga Assessment Worksheet

This worksheet will help you assess your yoga efforts, to determine if they are paying off.
Your answers will help you discern if changes are needed to get the best results from your practice.

Download Your Yoga Assessment Worksheet

Daily Practice

My goal is to be your guide, coach and teacher. My greatest desire is to help you achieve daily practice.  With daily practice yoga becomes your own. 

You will embrace all you've learned about yoga and all that I will share with you. You will find the time, space and desire to commit to daily practice. You will navigate the maze of yoga options to land on a practice that is uniquely your own. 

Through daily practice you embody yoga. Regular practice done with conviction and reverence will transform your life.

The promise of yoga is greater freedomfulfillment and joy. It can be yours with regular daily practice.

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Training, Tools and Techniques

I invite you to make use of the numerous tools and techniques you can access through this site. 

I will continue to add more over time and provide guidance on using them. 

Videos give you insight and help to broaden your understanding of yoga.

Tools and techniques are for use in your practice and expanding your yoga repertoire.

Training covers curriculum to engage, expand and deepen your yoga journey. 

I honour your journey and promise to meet you where you're at. My commitment is to help you move forward, to excel, and to achieve excellence in your practice and life.

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