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To coach, teach and heal gay men over 55 so you can achieve your full potential. 


The three wisdom traditions of yoga, Ayurveda and psychology inform your holistic approach to creating more joyful wisdom years.


  • Coach with compassion
  • Communicate clearly
  • Emit empathy
  • Empower everyone
  • Heal holistically
  • Inspire intelligently
  • Savour silence

Grab these Tools to Serve your Journey!

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Releasing Meditation

This simple 10-minute guided meditation is a powerful tool to begin releasing the habitual thoughts and behaviours that no longer serve you as you move into your wisdom years. When practiced consistently this meditation will free up inner space so you can reconnect to your wholeness. 

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Wellness Coaching Three Essentials

There are a few simple shifts you can make in your life that will help you disconnect from all the mental and physical toxins that keep you from being your best. These three wellness essentials are your starting point for this stage of your journey. They are game changers! 

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Let me Support Your Journey

If you are anything like me, you live a multi-dimensional complex life. You may be doing all the right things yet feel like you are not the bright light you have the potential to be.

At times being a human just feels tough!

You may struggle to find the right tools to support you physically, mentally and spiritually as you enter your wisdom years.  You may have dabbled in a few shiny balls (figuratively not literally!) along the way.  If you’ve found things that work figuring out the right mix can be elusive. 

This is where I can help!

Three Wisdom Tradition Coaching

I offer individual and group coaching using the three wisdom traditions of yoga, Ayurveda and psychology. This is not your run-of-the-mill lifestyle coaching. I’m here to do more than motivate you.

My three decades of yoga practice, two decades of teaching yoga and Ayurveda, coupled with a soupcon of  positive and cognitive behaviour-based psychology are a winning ticket to help you achieve your goals. I strive to bring clients to optimal wellness regardless of their stage of life.  

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Coaching sessions are geared to:

  • Identify current issues
  • Explore potential tools to address the issues
  • Explore healing goals 
  • Jointly agree to a unique client protocol
  • Assess progress

An initial self-assessment kicks off our work together. 

Unique client protocols include tools from each of the wisdom traditions. 

A wrap-around treatment plan, your home practice, is used to affect the progress between sessions.  

You also receive access to hundreds of recorded complete yoga classes taught by Loren grouped in the following themes:

  • Tantra Hatha
  • Yoga Theory
  • Wellness
  • Meditation 
  • Yoga Nidra

And you get access to the Wellness Coaching Community Forum where you and other clients can post and share your thoughts and observations. Community is essential to your wellness journey, especially as we age.

Isolation kills, community heals! 

Register for one of the coaching packages and you’ll also be invited to a weekly hour-long live session with Loren where you’ll be engaged on a number of topics and have time to ask questions while connecting with like-minded humans. 


Hi, I’m Loren…

I'm here to share my years of study and practice to help you to become all you are meant to be. 

With my coaching and guidance, you’ll access tools from the three wisdom traditions of yoga, Ayurveda and psychology to bring back balance and vitality to your life. You’ll learn to use these tools wisely and apply them with efficiency. 

I’ll inspire you to find the deep, rich and rewarding satisfaction the three wisdom traditions continue to bring to my life.

I look forward to meeting you and working with you very soon. Together we'll build a strong community!

Using yoga, ayurveda and psychology to work toward developing self-regulation, adaptability  and resiliency.

This is a bio-psycho-spiritual model of support created to weave together aspects of each of these healing traditions. It is a meeting of eastern and western concepts. There is an emphasis on creating an intentional community to support your journey as well. We support and uplift each other.

Many of us have lost touch with a sense of who we are. We have symptoms ranging from anxiety to depression. Due to this confusion, pain and suffering, we find ourselves adrift. 

The model develops a base from which you can begin to work to integrate and transform your life experiences, build self-worth and move toward self-evolution. 

Through daily practice, you will find your way back home to yourself. Shining into your wisdom years is your right!

This is exciting work! 

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Yoga is more than physical, it’s metaphysical! Coaching includes both aspects. The goal here is to move you from your present level of functioning to a sattvic state - balance, ease, tranquillity and health. You’ll create an overall inspired state of mind. This is essential to aging. How wonderful is that!

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Thinking patterns (samskaras) create a tendency (vasana) to make decisions or take actions (karma). Certain patterns create a narrow band of self-expression that can sometimes feel like there’s little breathing room. Various psychological theories are used in developing the tools for your wrap-around treatment plan. Changing patterns to change your future. Enter your wisdom years with intention.

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Diet and lifestyle are used to balance your body and mind. This is essential to aging with grace. Tapping into the vital essence of prana (animating and nourishing lifeforce, tejas (self-worth and wise thinking), ojas (deep vitality, ability to enjoy life and durability) and agni (your digestive fire) you get rid of negativity, self-doubt, restlessness, fear, anger and grief. This is powerful work!


Basic Yoga Membership

Not interested in coaching at the moment? There are hundreds of recorded complete yoga classes available to support you. They are in archived by theme - Tantra Hatha, Theory, Wellness, Meditation, and Yoga Nidra.

Here's what students are saying about classes they've enjoyed!

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Viv C.

Does this ever happen to anyone else? I was feeling off this morning so decided to step on my mat this morning. I opened the site and there was  A Practice for When You Are Feeling Off. The movements and shorter practice were exactly what I needed to carry on with my day! Thank you :)

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Angela B.

I just did the Energy Reset practice  - I really needed that right now. It was beautiful - energizing and so grounding. The kapalabhati breath at the end was such a great experience, where I really found that stillness and quietness in the mind. A beautifully balanced practice. Thank you Loren. Namaste.

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Michelle T

About every 2 weeks I've been waking at 4 am and can't seem to get back to sleep. The Yoga Nidra for Sleep is saving me. I skip right to the 'get comfortable' part and listen to it and every time, I am able to fall back to sleep and what is best is that I wake up feeling so rested. It puts me into a deep deep healing sleep. The sleep app is proof! I'm grateful for this one at 4 am, that's for sure. Thanks Loren! 

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Sean George

Working with Loren was a meaningful experience that came at the right moment in my life. The tools would prove to encourage and empower me. With Loren's gentle nudges they have become a central component of my life. Loren knowledge of various spiritual, physical, and mental practices, speak to his ability to walk anyone mindfully to a healthier life.

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Francis Ouimet

Loren's great knowledge about everything yoga, his professionalism, great sense of humour and sometimes quirky teaching style drew me in

Loren "lives" yoga and dedicates so much of his knowledge to men from all walks of life. I encourage anyone to learn from Loren.

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Daniel Lenox 

Loren's approach to yoga combines the physical with spiritual. On a fundamental level, over time I've faced daily-life challenges with greater ease due to the techniques developed through Loren's teachings

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